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The early aluminum powder production method was the “punching method”, and now the ball mill grinding method called “dry production” is widely used.

  • FOB Price: US$2300/ton
  • Minimum order quantity: 10/ton
  • Supply Ability: 1,000 tons per month
  • Packing specification: 25kg/barrel or 25kg/bag
  • About sampling: Free sampling for less than 5 kg
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    Aluminium paste for AAC block:

    The aluminium paste with ball mill production, is gray, scale or powder with a larger surface area and activity, very easy to oxidize the heat.

    The aluminum powder paste is used for AAC block industry. With water solvent and paste type, it's convenient to be added into the AAC block making machine, has few pollution on environment. Besides, the aluminum powder paste produced by our production machine has high aluminum activity and fast hair gas rate, and the fraction size can be made and adjusted according to customer's requirement.


    Aluminum paste powder is an important industrial raw material with a wide range of applications. To better apply aluminum powder paste to various fields, it needs to be processed by aluminum powder paste ball mill. The aluminum powder paste ball mill is also the core equipment in the aluminum powder paste beneficiation process. It is the exclusive grinding equipment for aluminum powder paste and is also used in industrial production. One of the widely used high-fine grinding machines.
    The early aluminum powder production method was the "punching method", and now the ball mill grinding method called "dry production" is widely used.
    The auxiliary equipment of the aluminum powder ball mill includes a special dehydrator for aluminum powder, a press, and a powdering machine. This set of equipment is energy-saving and electricity-saving, and can be operated by one worker. It can completely replace the old-fashioned hydraulic extrusion method and expensive filter press equipment. The design principle of the aluminum powder ball mill is: horizontal cylindrical rotating device, central axis cross transmission, aluminum foil enters the mill evenly from the feed hole, and the mill is equipped with wear-resistant, anti-corrosion and chemical reaction bearing steel balls, which are equipped with different specifications The steel ball is then added with a special chemical formula. The centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the cylinder will bring the steel ball to a certain height and then fall down, which will have a heavy blow and grinding effect on the material.
    The aluminum powder ball mill adopts an integral steel base frame, which has high installation accuracy, simple operation and installation, and short cycle. The high performance and low maintenance rate of the ball mill ensure the long-term stable operation of the aluminum powder production line.

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