Aluminum powder paste production process

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Separate aluminum foils of different thicknesses to ensure uniform thickness of raw materials. When using aluminum ingots as raw materials, ensure that there is no oxide and uniform particle size.

  • FOB Price: US$2300/ton
  • Minimum order quantity: 10/ton
  • Supply Ability: 1,000 tons per month
  • Packing specification: 25kg/barrel or 25kg/bag
  • About sampling: Free sampling for less than 5 kg
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    Production Process

    The use of aluminum powder paste has a certain status in the building materials industry. Our product quality has a considerable number of users in the industry, and the product quality is guaranteed. Let me introduce the production process of aluminum powder paste.
     When raw material quality control uses aluminum foil scraps as raw materials, the foil must be selected first, the oxidized foil is picked out, and the aluminum foils of different thicknesses are separated to ensure the uniform thickness of the raw materials. When aluminum ingots are used as raw materials, it is necessary to ensure that there is no oxide and uniform particle size.
    The ball mill puts the selected aluminum foil or aluminum particles and the aqueous solution of various additives with oil into the ball mill for grinding. During the grinding process, the temperature in the machine should be strictly controlled. If the temperature is too high, it can be adjusted by cooling with water. Wait for the fineness of the material When the requirements are met, the machine will be stopped. The grinding aid used can make the ball milling process without sticking the ball, and the powder and powder will not stick, so that the ball milling can proceed smoothly. The water powder can uniformly disperse the aluminum powder in the aqueous solution, which is convenient for grinding. The corrosion agent can prevent the aluminum powder from chemically reacting with water. The coating agent can prevent the aluminum powder from contacting with air and reacting with water in the ball mill, that is, the aluminum powder is wrapped. The detergent is washed off by the oxide in the ball mill. product quality.


    After the discharging ball mill is stopped, immediately add the pre-prepared discharging liquid into the machine, start it and run for 3~5 minutes, make the machine boring and dilute, use vacuum to suck the material into the temporary storage tank. Then use 30~50kg of clean water , Flush the remaining material in the machine, and then use vacuum to suck the water into the temporary storage tank.
    Dehydration Put the suction filter into the suction filter tank, then open the temporary storage tank discharge valve, and put the tank liquid into the suction filter tank. After the tank is full, close the valve, pneumatic vacuum pump, open the dehydration valve and the water storage tank valve, Who should be sucked into the water storage tank, to be recycled. The slurry on the suction filter is discharged after the solid content is qualified, and then packed into barrels.

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