As an industrial raw material, aluminum powder is widely used in modern industry, and industries such as refractory materials, ceramic alloys, and chemical metallurgy need to be applied. Due to the difference in the production process, the appearance under the electron microscope is mainly droplet-shaped and irregular. Therefore, aluminum pigments have different forms of existence. Coating aluminum powder and aluminum silver paste are examples. Next, I will introduce to you the different forms of aluminum pigments, the different characteristics of aluminum powder, coating aluminum powder and aluminum silver paste, and the processing methods in the production process of aluminum powder.

   1. Among all raw material aluminum powder applications, the production of paint aluminum powder (i.e. pigment aluminum powder) and aluminum paste (i.e. aluminum silver paste) is one of its main application areas.

  1. Painted aluminum powder refers to the aluminum powder that has been ground and treated with aluminum particles in the form of flakes, and the surface is coated and suitable for pigments.

  2. The paint aluminum powder has a flaky appearance, has good physical shielding characteristics, silver-white metallic luster, and the optical effect of random angles. The pigment aluminum powder coated with higher fatty acid also has floating properties in the paint film. The coating aluminum powder production technology is advanced, the processing is fine, and the effect is good

  3. Aluminum silver paste is a mixture of coating aluminum powder and solvent. Its use characteristics are roughly the same as coating aluminum powder. However, due to the history of the use process, the use of aluminum silver paste is more common and the production and sales are larger.

Therefore, the raw material aluminum powder is the main raw material for the production of aluminum pigments, and does not have the physical shielding properties (hiding power) and metallic optical effects required by aluminum pigments. Coating aluminum powder and aluminum silver paste are two different forms of aluminum pigments. Coating aluminum powder is mainly used to produce powder coatings, and aluminum paste is mainly used to produce solvent-based or water-based coatings.


2. Processing methods in the production of aluminum powder:

  1, atomization method

   Aluminum powder atomization method is divided into air atomization and nitrogen atomization.

  2, ball milling method

   Aluminum powder ball milling method is divided into wet ball milling and dry ball milling.

  3, chip method

  The metal aluminum is pelletized by a chip machine.

  4, crushing method

  Using a crusher to crush and granulate.

     5. Grinding and granulation

  Using a grinder to grind and manufacture metal aluminum particles.

As a very versatile chemical raw material, aluminum powder is widely used in pigments, fireworks, and metallurgical industries. Its prospects are very good. If you have aluminum powder needs, you must choose a regular manufacturer to buy and Reasonably and correctly use aluminum powder and pay attention to its use.

Post time: Jun-03-2019