Aluminum powder paste is a kind of chemical raw material, which has been widely used by related industries and played a great role. Aluminum powder also has certain requirements on its process during the production process, usually using mechanical methods and cold working methods. The cold processing method mainly relies on waste aluminum to produce aluminum powder paste, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. This article will talk to you about the cold processing method to produce aluminum powder paste and the storage of aluminum powder paste for aerated concrete.


One, the problems that need attention in the production of aluminum powder paste by cold working

   The following issues should be paid attention to when using this technology to produce aluminum powder by cold processing of scrap aluminum.

  1. Meet product quality and quantity requirements

Cold processing of scrap aluminum is more difficult than ordinary metals. Because of its low hardness, good toughness, and fast thermal conductivity, it is difficult to process. It must be overcome and found in the process of process design and equipment development to achieve the product. Quality requirements and quantity requirements.

  2, save investment

   Scrap aluminum recycling is an industry with small profits but quick turnover. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce costs to obtain better profits. The price of equipment, manufacturing costs and product sales prices must be considered.

   3. Reduce the motor capacity of the entire production line

   Electricity consumption is one of the most important production costs of aluminum powder produced by scrap aluminum, which directly affects the market competitiveness of products and the economic benefits of enterprises. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring that the product quality and quantity requirements are met, the process flow is simplified and the process with high efficiency and low energy consumption is selected.

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   Matters needing attention in the storage of aluminum powder paste for aerated concrete:

  1. The product should be stored in a dry, ventilated and cool warehouse.

  2. It should be isolated from water, acid, alkali, corrosive products, heat source, fire source, etc.

  3. The product should be used immediately after use, and should be sealed in time after taking it out to avoid mixing other reactants.

  4. The storage period of aluminum powder paste is 6-12 months.

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Post time: Jan-13-2021