The scope of application of hydrated aluminum paste

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Aerated aluminum powder paste is a new type of material developed. It has been widely used in many industries such as aerated concrete gas generating agent, fireworks, thermite metallurgy, silver paint brushing and so on.

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    The scope of use of the product

    Aerated aluminum powder paste has played a very important role in the production and construction of various industries. The main use in the field of aerated concrete is the chemical reaction of silica, aluminum powder, quicklime, etc. during the production process to achieve gas release. In this way, the porous structure can appear inside the concrete block produced.

    Aerated aluminum powder paste has formed a relatively complete process flow in the use of aerated concrete blocks. It is necessary to place the aerated aluminum powder paste in the aluminum powder slurry mixer. After the aerated aluminum powder paste is sufficiently stirred Put the aerated aluminum powder paste into the weighing scale of the aluminum powder slurry, and place the appropriate amount of the aerated aluminum powder paste slurry and raw materials such as quicklime, fly ash and gypsum into the pouring mixer, which is produced by the chemical reaction between the aerated aluminum powder paste and the ingredients The alkaline substance can release hydrogen and other gases in it, so as to achieve the bubble effect, so that the weight of the produced bricks is much smaller than the products produced by the traditional production method, and the auxiliary production through aerated aluminum powder paste is also all One of the more convenient and lighter types of concrete production can be even more than half the weight of ordinary brick concrete structures.


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